Charter Smart | Charter School Branding Tips to Boost Enrollment Numbers
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Charter School Branding Tips to Boost Enrollment Numbers

Charter School Branding Tips to Boost Enrollment Numbers

Charter schools enroll as much as 6 percent of America’s school children. They often offer parents a choice against failing traditional public schools. That’s one of the best reasons why a lot of parents support them.

If you’re having a bit of trouble connecting with families, though, here’s how building up your school’s reputation through effective charter school branding can help.
Do introductory videos

Encourage teachers to do a Meet the Teacher Night Video. That way, parents won’t have to get to school and sit down for a boring meet and greet. This gives parents and teachers more time to talk about the curriculum, check up on their child’s progress and more. This also has the added benefit of allowing parents who were not able to make it to the sessions to know who their children’s teachers are.

Livestreamed content

Make weekly video updates a part of the school’s culture. This can easily be your video newsletter. Encourage students to make the videos. Doing so will lend an apt narrative voice to the videos and provide parents with a glimpse into the educational community as the children see it. With live or recorded content, your school can garner enough interest to boost attendance numbers.

Share social media posts

Another effective way of charter school branding is to put up a social media page whether on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook—or on all three—and regularly post content about events at school. You might also want to include exciting events in your district and inside the classrooms. By sharing these posts, you don’t just celebrate the kids, highlight the hard work that your teachers do and provide much needed updates for parents, you also succeed in gathering interest from parents who might want to take a longer look at your posts and explore the possibility of sending their kids to your school.

Be consistent

Branding is all about being consistent across the board. Make sure that all your efforts to reach out and communicate with your target market are reflective of the values, principles and character as well as tone and personality of your school. That’s one way to ensure successful branding results. If there’s even a small disconnect between any of these, you could drive families away. That’s why getting help is crucial. Reach out to branding experts at CharterSmart for help and assistance in developing and executing sound branding plans for your school. Contact us today and we’ll help you tell your story.