Charter Smart | About Us
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About Us

Pencils - Charter Smart

For more than two decades, Charter Smart has worked collaboratively with public charter school communities and passionate parents to become better advocates for their students.

We’ve developed a proven, successful formula – creating visibility for our clients to share student successes, school achievements, and parent voices.

Why should charter schools consider smart communications?

Charter schools that communicate effectively have positive relationships with their authorizers, staff, parents and community stakeholders and thus limit PR liabilities.

What is the risk?

Charter schools who practice the “head in the sand” approach are more likely to encounter PR liabilities – media investigations, closure notices, or adverse relationships with staff, parents, and community stakeholders.

What does “communicate effectively” mean?

Simply put, telling your positive stories effectively to receptive audiences and engaging them in a conversation.  7 out of 10 charter schools fail to communicate or nurture vital relationships.

Why Charter Smart?

Parent choice and public educational options continue to thrive. However, public charter schools remain targets of criticism by unfavorable authorizers, state lawmakers, regulators, and the media.

Our primary objective is simple: identify innovative opportunities to tell our client’s story, win over allies and mobilize political support. It’s not rocket science – but it does require commitment, planning, and attention to hands-on tactical engagement on behalf of our clients.

At Charter Smart, we make no bones at sharing honest opinions and developing bold communications campaigns. We are very selective as to the clients we represent – our reputation for winning is as important as it is for our clients.

You get 100% attention, rapid response and support of Charter Smart’s principals – not a junior staffer assigned to your account. We pride ourselves on long-term relationships and a passion for achieving our client’s success in unpredictable environments.